Dr. Judy Farvolden, PhD, PEng, MScPl

Executive Director
University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute

The mandate of the Transportation Research Institute is to make transportation research meaningful and useful to government and industry partners. To that end, Judy works collaboratively with those partners to identify opportunities and challenges that can be addressed by the broad and deep transportation research expertise at the University of Toronto. Through her extensive network of stakeholders, she has successfully created numerous collaborations with partners locally, nationally and internationally.


Her own interests are in harnessing the disruption created by emerging transportation technology and services to create an equitable, sustainable future. Judy holds advanced degrees in both engineering and planning. She earned a PhD from Princeton University in Transportation and Operations Research and recently completed a master’s degree in Urban Planning at the University of Toronto. This cross-disciplinary training enables her to contribute a unique perspective to the conversation on emerging technology locally, provincially and federally.



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