Sean Hazaray

Head of Karma Mobility Division
Karma Automotive

How do you turn around a bad product? When I joined Subaru R&D, the infotainment system was ranked last place by JD Power (out of 26 systems…a feat in itself!). Based on consumer research (over 600 unique consumers spread out over many clinics), market research, and competitive benchmark, I led the development of the latest award-winning infotainment system, featured in the ’17 Impreza. Arguably the greatest turn-around since Lake Placid in 1980…ok, maybe not, but still remarkable for automotive infotainment.


My next challenge is cracking the China automotive market, and understanding important use-cases for the Chinese market. With the race for full-autonomous electric vehicles, China will have a significant presence. Often overlooked, however, is the importance of understanding language. Although I’m still not fully satisfied at my skills in Mandarin, my ability to speak Mandarin (你好! 你怎么样!) helps me better understand the subtle nuances critical for the Chinese market. It is my excitement to develop an in-vehicle experience that revolutionizes car-ownership in China.


Specialties: Black-Belt Trained in Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, UI/UX, User Experience, Infotainment, Chinese language and working culture, Telematics, HMI.



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