CAV Canada 2021

Where smart mobility innovators and leaders discuss and drive the future

The future is connected, autonomous, electrified, and shared. It is safer, cleaner, and greener. And it is one of unprecedented convergence and collaboration. This future is evolving now. Are you driving it?

Smart mobility innovations such as CAVs and fleets, electric vehicles, low-speed automated shuttles and drones are revolutionizing how we work, live and play.

They are combining with next-gen networks, cybersecurity, 5G, AI and machine learning, IoT, big data, and AR/VR. And they are unleashing a world of new possibilities.

This includes a world with safer roads and road users…more efficient, sustainable transportation and energy…more secure food production and public spaces…healthier communities and citizens…and a more connected, equitable and inclusive society.

Join us at CAV Canada to explore, pursue and create this future.

Get your tickets. CAV Canada 2021 is December 2, 2021 | 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST


CAV Canada is the must-attend hybrid event for any innovator, company, investor, regulator, or community driving the safe development, commercialization, and deployment of smart mobility solutions.

Join leaders from Canada’s Capital, across the country and around the world for:

  • Authentic discussion and global foresight on key opportunities and challenges in CAV and smart mobility R&D, markets, investment, and policy during current recovery and post-pandemic periods
  • Actionable insight to enable and accelerate the safe implementation of CAV and smart mobility solutions in diverse sectors, from transportation to communications, smart farming, and public safety
  • Innovative approaches, real-world examples and lessons learned in smart mobility test, validation, and demonstrations
  • Access to CAV and smart mobility talent and strategies to develop, attract, and retain a competitive, diverse, and inclusive workforce
  • Live and online networking opportunities to engage, connect and collaborate in the smart mobility ecosystem

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In-Person or Connected -- We're Going Hybrid

Anchored in Canada's Capital and one of the world's top tech hubs, CAV Canada is going hybrid in 2021.

To celebrate our fourth year, live and online top tier keynotes, panel discussions, demonstrations and networking are taking place from four fantastic locations:

  • Area X.O, the futureplex of innovation and collaboration for next-gen technologies 
  • Bayview Yards, Ottawa’s one-stop business acceleration shop and innovation hub 
  • Hub350, the new gateway to Kanata North Tech Park, the largest of its kind in Canada
  • Wherever you are connected – streaming live in real-time

If you have a stake in the CAV and smart mobility revolution, all roads lead to CAV Canada.

For 2021, we’re hosting a lottery and you have a chance to win a seat! An approved number of CAV Canada participants will land onsite tickets to our venues. Your health and safety are our top priority. If your ticket is chosen and you choose to join us in person, we’ll be ready with vaccine checks, masks, and sanitizer.

Connected and autonomous vehicle

Drive the smart mobility future. All are welcome. And it’s all free.

In 2021, your free CAV Canada ticket includes:

  • 6 hours of actionable insight on smart mobility R&D, market, and policy
  • 20+ world-class speakers
  • Exclusive access to leaders, experts, and investors
  • A competitive global intelligence and market edge 
  • Live and online networking
  • Technology demos and experiences
  • Exciting announcements and unveilings
  • An opportunity to join in-person

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The chance to join us in-person, safely

We’re hosting a lottery and you have a chance to win a seat! An approved number of CAV Canada participants will land onsite tickets to our venues.

Your health and safety are our top priority. If your ticket is chosen and you choose to join us in person, we’ll be ready with rapid onsite testing, masks, and sanitizer.

Sponsors and Partners

Would you like to help drive CAV Canada and our smart mobility? Explore sponsorship and partnership opportunities today! Contact to learn more.


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